“to glare” means you are glaring

p/c: http://weheartit.com/10ambae

Glaring is something I’ve come accustomed and attuned to. I find myself glaring too frequently at objects, even people to show my immediate disapproval. Spending time glaring is time wasted, I thought as I glared at my computer screen. Luckily for me, the computer screen was glaring back as light streamed in from the open shutters and reflected onto my glasses.

Don’t be this computer screen, I start by telling myself, its immediate defense for glaring is “the light is hitting me at the exact angle which is causing a glare, I cannot move the window to alter the course of the light or move myself to stop the glare.” Remind yourself you are not as stationary as this computer and you are in more control over your glare projection that you think, all you have to do is up the brightness.



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