Casual. Why keep is casual when you can keep it real, serious, intense? The word casual entails some temporary crap. I don’t want that casual crap. Be real with yourself and invest in yourself, nothing worthwhile will come out of casual effort or interest. Put in the extra consideration, work and practice and your results will be anything but casual. There will be a causal result. This applies to anything and everything  in life that you believe should be a constant not a temporary slate. If your wardrobe is casual and you find yourself wearing a t-shirt and jeans too often, change it so it’s anything but. Wear something bold or dressy so you surprise yourself when you look in the mirror. If your relationship is casual, stop and think if you’re okay with that? Do you want more from the other person? Ask for more, tell them you want to invest more of yourself into them. Consider your work ethic -are you proud of it, or do you just see casual effort? Think back to how hard you worked to get where you are right now, do you think that person would’ve gotten here had they worked this casually?

is this casual, or is this real life?

Writing a motivational blurb is a lot easier than taking the advice you write, trust me -I speak from experience. Today I wrote this to consider, work and practice my writing skills. I’m done with the casual dabbling I’ve done with writing, and I’m ready to up the effort.

via Daily Prompt: Casual


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