about Friendships…

In case I haven’t mentioned it before, I’m a 20 year old female. And through my 20 years of existence I have learned a lot about friendships. For starters, it’s never going to be easy to make friends. The first step to making friends is putting yourself out there and sometimes that doesn’t even work. So once you’ve gotten over your self doubts, insecurities and just yourself and you commit to putting yourself just know you’ve overcome just about the scariest part of making friends. Next, comes the waiting for someone, anyone really to pick up on the vibes you’re putting out. To be completely honest I don’t really know what comes after this part.

Being a shy individual I’ve never gotten past the first step. I always just stuck to myself, only reciprocating what anyone threw at me. This way I still managed to make friends but never had I chosen my friends. And this is what I learned about friendships as a result:

Friendships can start up from anywhere: strangers, crushes, ex-es, neighbours, acquaintances, old teachers etc.


The question is, do they ever last? They can last, if both parties stay equally invested in keeping that friendship alive. Yet more often than not friendships do not last forever. I understand my experience with friendships may be skewed from the bad experiences and the repetitive mistake I make when making friends. But my honest to God, pessimistic opinion on friendships is, are all the good times with a friend worth the eventual sadness you’re going to cause one another before permanently parting ways?



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