2019, 2018

Today I keep thinking; I miss what my life was like, a year ago. I miss the innocence, the faith and the hope that the new year promised. Today I sit here, contemplating with the experiences this year has taught me, the patience, the discipline and the maturity I’ve gained from this particularly trying year. To miss my carefree days just 365 days past is natural, for ignorance surely brought me bliss. However, today I must accept the new wave of responsibility built upon my capable shoulders this 2018 and never doubt that it will surely one day bring me light.


Although life starts with a big bang and we are on a physical descent from the day we are born, our emotional life is entirely and ascending journey.

I was always told that if you work hard, greatness will ascend on you. While it remains true that only hard work can help you with your ascent to greatness, it is also a focus and passion for patience.

Remember that only you can help yourself go upwards, or move forwards. It is so important to focus on what helps you grow and feel worthwhile.



Everything will work itself out, they say.

When opportunity knocks, make sure you answer the door.

Nobody knows what the future holds but what you can be sure of is your own effort and hard work. Effort and hard work stems from organization. Plan out your every step, move to secure your own future. You’d be surprised how far organization is deep rooted into success. If you don’t organize your day you may not wake up on time for your morning commitments. Therefore, make sure you put in the organization to show the time and effort you really are willing to commit to prove you’re interested and committed.



Writing one shot:

Delivery, delivery. Imagine if everything we ever wanted was delivered, and better yet delivered on a silver platter. The method of deliverance is half the impression so make your deliverance with an entrance.

“to glare” means you are glaring

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Glaring is something I’ve come accustomed and attuned to. I find myself glaring too frequently at objects, even people to show my immediate disapproval. Spending time glaring is time wasted, I thought as I glared at my computer screen. Luckily for me, the computer screen was glaring back as light streamed in from the open shutters and reflected onto my glasses.

Don’t be this computer screen, I start by telling myself, its immediate defense for glaring is “the light is hitting me at the exact angle which is causing a glare, I cannot move the window to alter the course of the light or move myself to stop the glare.” Remind yourself you are not as stationary as this computer and you are in more control over your glare projection that you think, all you have to do is up the brightness.



In my bubble and my head space right now I haven’t given much thought to the adjective spicy. I seem to be too wrapped up in cheesy or homey; I seem to be searching for something safe and steady. I want to be brave enough to think about spicy, to add spice and flavour to my life. Whoever stereotyped spicy as undesirable must have been extremely bland.

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The purpose of a carousel is enjoyment, it spins around the central axis in hopes to bring its riders joy. It is decorated with lights, fancy carriages and coloured horses to draw your attention but more importantly, to keep that attention that brought you to it in the first place.

Imagine if life were like that, a single event or experience was identified with eye-catching ornaments and trinkets for the sole purpose of entertaining you.

Before you cast this post aside I am here to remind you and tell you, if you didn’t already know, that every moment in life can be a carousel ride. You just have to open you eyes.

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